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We are your Public Health & Community Inclusion Specialist

All Heart Initiatives is a leading provider of

  • mental health awareness training

  • community health worker training

  • corporate wellness

  • CPR & first aid

  • workplace environmental health & safety

  • DEIB consulting & facilitation

  • crisis policy consulting

Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities

to promote mental and physical well-being.

What We Do

Anthony (Tony) Campbell  mhfa testimonial.jfif

Anthony Campbell is the founder of  Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant, LLC

Q: What were your first impressions when you first took the course? 

A: It was a lightbulb moment. It taught me to be empathetic and more understanding of what people are going through, both in the military and civilian world.  

Q: Who should consider taking this course?   

A: Truthfully, every service member, family member, veterans’ support group organization, an organization supporting veterans living without homes, supporting veterans living with substance use challenges— pretty much anyone with a tie to the military -- should take MHFA for Military, Veterans, and Their Families.  

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